The Wopida, Training and Service Group

About Tom Weaver, Founder and CEO, Wopida Group

Dr Tom Weaver at Jupiter LighthouseOn my life’s journey I have met up with many teachers for which I am grateful, and when I founded Wopida Group in 2006, to support a foundation I created, I began to dedicate my work to the memories and spirits of those teachers some of whom are now on the other side, including:

  • My father, Paul Henry Weaver MD, his parents, N Elwood Weaver and Edna Eicher Weaver, the Eicher and Weaver/Weber ancestors that came from Germany in 1833 and 1751 respectively.
  • My mom, Peg Weaver, born Margaret Mary Glessner, Findlay OH 6/3/1910 and who passed over 8/10/2007 Eden Prairie, MN, see:
  • Bill Wilson, Vermont-born salesman and Dr Bob Smith, Vermont-born doctor-surgeon Akron OH co-founders of 12-step recovery program 20th C USA, my primary programs Alanon: & Debtors Anonymous:
  • her parents, Harry Chappelear Glessner and Inez Chase Glessner and their Bixby, Nurse, Cowles, Chapelier/Chappelear, Glessner, ancestors who settled and lived in the Eastern USA beginning in 1638. (click Chappelear Genealogy)
  • Dr Bob Smith Vermont-born doctor-surgeon Akron OH founder of 12-step recovery program 20th Century, USA,
  • Grandpa Frank Fools Crow, Oglala Lakota Chief and wichasha wakan, who I met in 1989 on his death bed and supported his family in creating his Kyle SD funeral at Little Wound School
  • Rudy Runs Above and Joe Eagle Elk, early spiritual advisors of the Hollow Horn Bear Sundance, and all HHB sun dancers and supporters where I was led to pray beginning in 1990
  • Perry Tilleraas, Blooming Prairie MN, sponsor/author of the Color of The Color of Light Daily Meditations For All Of Us Living With Aids 1988 Hazelden, on my path as a two-spirited man in recovery

I am a longtime volunteer in ManKind Project International which produces men's experiential trainings. Rick Gravrok, Cris Anderson and I went through the first MKP Minnesota weekend together in 1990.