The Wopida, Training and Service Group

The Wopida Group - Who We Are

The Wopida, Training and Service Group is an association of entrepreneurial spirits who support each other in creating ecologically sustainable, profitable businesses that are led by missions of integrity and value.

Wopida develops products and services that support individuals, families and communities to capture family/ancestral spiritual stories, sharing their powerful healing energies through writing, singing, photography and video, supporting functional human development for the next seven generations.

Wopida is the Dakota word for Gratitude.

Tree by Amy Brown"When I visioned and founded the Group in 2006, I had been reflecting on the gifts of my family tree. Gifts of resilience and love of Nature. My parents had moved from Ohio in 1938 to begin a life following the “call of the loon,” the state bird of Minnesota, and a sound that seemed to echo their passion for the peace and serenity they found discovering nature. Thus, as their third son I was born where the prairies, deciduous woodlands and waters meet, in Wakpecute Dakota territory overlooking the Straight River in Faribault, Minnesota." - Tom Weaver 2008

“After contracting with Master Supplements, my accountant suggested I create an LLC through the Secretary of State in Minnesota. Wopida Group LLC was legally organized under the laws of Minnesota on March 25, 2009.” Tom Weaver 2009

Other Wopida Partners and Allies

Torvac, is a Twin Cities-based distributor and complete source of high quality vacuum systems and components. We service the midwestern region of the United States. Contact Steve Borden.

Wauna Training and Consulting, Ted Harrison, Chaska, Minnesota.

DISC Information Services, Mike Ames Survey Research Support "Design-Conduct-Analyze DISC’s professional staff will provide all the elements necessary to successfully complete your next survey research project."

Factor of 4, LLC A group of creative and software design professionals who work with owners and executive teams of small businesses and non-profits. To build a successful web presence we go through a structured process to develop goals and objectives, and build a plan with measurable results. We are set up to be a one-stop shop to cover the full range of website design, development and hosting needs, starting from choosing domain names, to prototyping and launching a site in stages, to user interaction design and testing, and social networking strategies, as well database development and e-commerce.