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Dr Tom is available for a personal consultation and evaluation prior to recommending healing supplements and herbal foods. For more information, contact Dr Tom directly.

Wopida Group Products and Services

As of Dec 2009 Wopida Group LLC represents:

Master Supplements

Provider of four products that enhance functional human digestion, with medical grade probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes.

To order, contact directly at 1-800-926-2961 Ext. 3, ask for Sarah in customer service and mention Dr Tom referred you! Thanks!

Dr Tom at Master Supplements ConferenceFor more information contact Dr Tom here at Wopida

  1. Theralac, flagship product with Lacto and Bifidobaccilli labeled at 30 billion CFU, stomach acid protected by a patented sodium alginate matrix and batch tested by a third party lab for quality and purity.
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  2. TruFlora, Candida Formula contains powerful probiotic strains and fiber-digesting enzymes in a formulation that can be used alone or ROTATED with other probiotics to enhance overall probiotic effectiveness. Designed for higher levels of lactic acid, the enzymes digest betaglucans that constitute cell walls of Candida yeast and other microorganisms.
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  3. TruFiber, a prebiotic formulation contains two unique sources of soluble, prebiotic fiber: Sunfiber® and Inulin. One serving provides 14% of the recommended 25 gram Daily Value for fiber. TruFiber is a tasteless, white powder that mixes fast and clear with no grit or thickening.
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  4. Enzalase, contains 12 enzymes, with high lipase formula that are balance-formulated to boost the body's ability to digest all major food types while simultaneously stimulating probiotic bacteria (three patents pending).
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"Hi Tom
Thought I would drop you a note to let you know how much better I am feeling after starting on Theralac and Enzalase several months ago. As you know I was not able to eat many different foods like lettuce, beef and pizza as I would get lower gut cramping that sometimes felt like kidney failure. I take these products once during the weekend and once in the middle of the week and I have not had any pain for a long while now. I am eating anything I want now and having no pain from it.

I don't know if these products are effective with colds and flu, however, when everyone at our house was sick earlier this month I did not get any symptoms. I did end up waiting on Kathy until she got over the flu, lots of back rubs to take her mind off of her aches and pains. I am trying to convince her to start using these products but she is stubborn about trying things that weren't her idea. She still spends a lot of money at the pharmacy.

Just an old buck trying to make some dough." - Gary Engler, Cold Spring MN

Amazon Herb Company

Offering life-changing herbal foods that support economies of indigenous cultures and sustainable harvesting in diverse ecosystems including the Amazon rainforest:

Order Amazon Herb products here.

  1. Treasure Tea - Caffeine-free & contains Tahari, Chanca Piedra, Stevia, and Chuchuhuasi, as well as strong concentrates of Jatoba and Una de Gato; Immune system support; boosts mental clarity & concentration.
  2. Pure Camu and Zamu
  3. Wellness Packs - Calming & Stress Relief; Cleansing & Detox; Recover & Rebuild; Immune Booster; Energy & Performance.
  4. Chocamaca - Organic Chocolate Infused with Rainforest Botanicals.
  5. Lluvia Natural Skin Care.

Wopida Group is as an Amazon Herb Ambassador.


"I use Sumacazon and Illumination, both of which give me energy, the Treasure and Matte Teas which also give me energy, and Calmazon, which is my favorite, which keeps me emotionally balanced." - Bob Shiel, English, Yoga, and Meditation Teacher, Chicago, IL

"After a free consultation with Tom, I learned I had classical symptoms of indigestion. Tom recommended a wellness pack to cleanse, nourish and balance my body's systems. I was feeling as good as new in 3 days!" - Andy Mickel, Minneapolis, MN

Gardening & Landscaping Services

We support sustainable landscaping practices through teaching, cultivating, and shared technologies,

I have been a botanist and plant person since my youth being raised by gardeners in Faribault, Minnesota. I have a BA in biology and education from Carleton College. During the 1970’s I served as a teaching assistant to Donald B Lawrence PhD at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus for two years. With Don, I participated in Field Botany and Plants Useful to Man courses (Ethnobotany) there, and then taught a field botany class at the College of St. Scholastica, Duluth when I was an associate professor in the biology department.

See Don Lawrence teaching field botany on the east bank of the Mississippi.

I have a special passion for culinary and medicinal plants and how different cultures integrate plants into their stories for health and lifestyle enhancement.

See Stevia in Pete’s Garden

Services in Twin Cities Area

1) Vegetable Garden Planning and Cultivation

I have over 30 years of experience working with Troy Bilt Rototillers to cultivate gardens. In 2002, I began working with clients in Minneapolis and the western suburbs to support both flower and vegetable gardening. In 2009 I cultivated and supported planting of heirloom species of vegetables in 11 gardens. I work with a greenhouse partner in rural Minnesota to plant heirlooms from seed. I own and operate a Troy Bilt rototiller and trailer and have negotiated bartering for produce as well as cash services. Please contact me directly after March 15, 2010 to schedule a site visit.

See Rototiller Prep for a New Garden

2) Plant Identification and Landscaping with Native and Non Native Plants.

I have worked with clients who want to establish native prairie and deciduous woodland ecosystems on their property.

Contact me for references and descriptions of any projects your are thinking of.

Stages of personal garden Bloomington, Minnesota 2007: pre-planting, planting, summer flowering and harvest.

Tom Weaver Garden 2007 Bloomington, MN - pre-plantingTom Weaver Garden 2007 Bloomington, MN - planting Tom Weaver Garden 2007 Bloomington, MN - summer floweringTom Weaver Garden 2007 Bloomington, MN - harvest